Looking for something different? Why not try a night to relax with a glass of wine in one hand and a paintbrush in the other?

Escape the kids, your day job and life in general and just bring yourself, your inner artist, and be prepared for a fun-filled evening with friends. Our classes are for everyone – whether you have never painted before, or painted a little or a lot, our painting evenings are amazing! So have a laugh with your friends and create something beautiful. I come to you (North Brisbane – conditions apply) so you can kick back and relax without the worry of driving anywhere afterwards.

I provide:

• Tablecloths and coverings
• Paint, brushes, easels, water pots, paint cloths, aprons and the canvas
• A canvas for each of your guests
• A qualified art teacher (myself – Bachelor of Fine Art)  to lead the session and ensure all your guests have a great learning experience and creative outcome.
• Art Party banner for your use to help decorate your space
• Free digital invite to send to your guests

Knowledge Required
None at all! Everyone can create something beautiful and have fun
What you’ll get

A stunning canvas – subject chosen by YOU, lots of laughs and an enjoyable evening.

What makes us different?
You choose the subject – whether you want a still life, landscape or portrait session – or maybe just want to paint cats – the choice is yours.
This way, every canvas is different  – I encourage creativity – we are not at school and do not “paint by numbers” or steps from the instructor – no copy cats here.

Instead I will give you individual instruction throughout the evening and guide you to create something amazing!

Put it this way… you will not need to put your name on to identify your work.

What to bring / do

• Set up the tables and chairs
• Invite the guests using the FREE Digital invite
• Recommend to them to wear old clothes
• Organise the food, drinks and cake
• Sit back and let us take care of the rest!

Minimum 6 Adults – Max 15.

Costs: $45 per person