Drawing Classes – the start of everything creative. Learn how to see the way an artist sees and explore techniques to draw realistic subject matter. join us in a lovely relaxed atmosphere to discover, imagine, explore and inspire!

Anyone can draw – it just takes practice and a little bit of guidance and technique. The main element of drawing is understanding the difference between seeing and merely looking. This course aims to help you to learn to distinguish the difference through focusing on the techniques of observation. The Drawing Classes will give you the necessary guidelines, techniques and a good basic knowledge to establish your ability to draw.

The classes are for both beginners, who will start by observing of simpler objects, to advanced levels, who will tackle increasingly more complex subjects. Different drawing techniques will be explored using a range of graphite pencils, coloured pencils and charcoal, to achieve a variety of results. Through the various classes you will learn the basics of composition, lines and shapes, form and shading, light and dark and perspective.

Book your place by giving me a call on 0466 988 148 or email me to discuss. You will receive a booking confirmation email or text to confirm your place